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Photo Credit: John McLellan

“I don’t want to just survive. I want to live.”


EASTBOUND is a new bilingual musical about the unexpected meeting of two brothers from opposite sides of the world, their quests for survival, and the power of choice.


Calvin, a Chinese-American adoptee, has been in remission from a rare blood cancer that he’s had for nearly his entire life — until one day, his cancer relapses and he is given a six month prognosis. His only chance of survival is to receive a bone marrow transplant from a living blood relative. Exhausted by years of chemotherapy, Calvin wants to forgo further treatment and focus on living his remaining days to the fullest. He has never been to China — his birthplace —and his dying wish is to connect with the country that he’s from. His mother agrees to take him, with her own agenda of locating Calvin’s birth family in the hopes of saving his life.


Meanwhile, Calvin’s biological brother, Yun, has traveled from China to New York on a research project. Hiding his struggle with his sexuality from his wife and mother, Yun becomes involved in a romance with his roommate — and must choose which life he wants to live: the one in America where he can be who he truly is, or the one in China where he makes his family proud by honoring tradition.


Told through the soundscape of a contemporary score fused with traditional Chinese folk music and Mandopop, EASTBOUND is performed in English and Mandarin.



Book & Music by Cheeyang Ng

Book & Lyrics by Khiyon Hursey

Directed by Desdemona Chiang

Developed in part by

New York Theatre Barn (Artistic Director, Joe Barros)

Musical Theatre Factory

Village Theatre (Artistic Director, Jerry Dixon)

Development History 

2022 Village Theatre Beta Developmental Production
2020 National Alliance for Musical Theatre Presentation
Village Theatre Zoom Development
Joe's Pub Concert Presentation
Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals
New York Theatre Barn Developmental Reading
Musical Theatre Factory Developmental Residency
 New York Theatre Barn IMPACT Award
New York Theatre Barn New Works Series
National Alliance for Musical Theatre Writers Grant
Musical Theatre Factory 45 min Presentation
Musical Theatre Factory 4x15

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