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Māyā is many things: it’s a philosophy of Hinduism; it’s the idea that the world around us is really an illusion; and it can be a girl’s name, as is in the case of our story. Set in the British Raj in 1930, MĀYĀ (formerly THE GOLDEN THRESHOLD) is the story of a struggling poet in need of an awakening, not unlike India herself.

When Gandhi’s non-violent Independence Movement arrives on Maya’s doorstep in the form of her former servant Harini, our heroine is thrust into one of the most turbulent political climates in history. When she commits herself to the cause, she begins to shatter the illusions (or māyā) that have been deceiving her: illusions about her dreams as a lauded poet, her affair with a British officer, her privilege, and ultimately, the difference she’ll really make.


The story is told with contemporary language and an urgent, rhythmic score that fuses Western pop and Indian classical music.

Photo Credit: Dennis Corsi

Creative Team

Cheeyang Ng

Book & Music

Eric Sorrels

Book & Lyrics


Arpita Mukherjee


Development History

Conceived at New York University's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

2018 New York City Center Front and Center with Tom Kitt

2019 Johnny Mercer's Songwriters Project

2019 ASCAP Foundation Musical Theatre Week at Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage

2019 Live & In Color Developmental Residency


2020 Pace New Musicals Lab Presentation

February 1 (Sat) // 2pm

February 2 (Sun) // 7pm

2020 Hypokrit Theatre Industry Presentation